ICT Strategy

Resources and information to support the North Wales Regional MIS Service consultation with Schools.

At present schools SIMS databases are located on servers in each school.  The majority of these servers, particularly in Primary schools, are about to reach the end of their warranty period.  This does not mean they will stop working but it does mean that schools will need to start to consider replacing them.  Through the ICT Strategy group we have been looking at a number of options for improving the stability and security of schools data and believe that providing a centrally deployed model for SIMS in school is now a viable option.

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Here you will find information about the Primary ICT Advisory Group, including who your cluster representative is, and the agenda for any forthcoming meeting. 

Wrexham Schools Wireless Project

Through the ICT Strategy group we have been working on a solution to be able to provide and support a reliable, secure and scalable wireless network solution for schools. We are pleased to announce that the majority of this work has now been completed and we are in a position to start supporting wireless networks in schools.  This site will give schools up to date information on the project as it progresses.

Please use this site to submit your schools initial expression of interest - January to February 2012